Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Running around and Cindy's Friend From Tampa

Riverton, Utah High 57 Low 37

It was another nice day, although there was frost on the grass this morning.

I got my cabinet put together yesterday and now I have to put the stain and varnish on it. I hope it does what we want. I also got the doors ordered and they will be finished next Wednesday.

Cindy had another Doctor appointment today and she didn't tell me what they said, so I think everything is OK.

After the Doctor appointment, we went to Trader Joe's in Salt Lake. While we were there, Cindy called her friend Vicki, because she was supposed to be in Salt Lake for a little while. As it turned out, she was staying at a hotel about 2 miles from Trader Joe's and was free today. So Cindy made an appointment to have lunch at 11:30.

We had a little time to kill, so we went into a store called Modern Display and looked at their Christmas tree decorations and the Department 56 displays. I took a few pictures and couldn't believe the prices they were asking.

The Harley fans would like this one.

Cindy also stopped at where she used to work and talked to some of the people she used to work with. One man told her that the State had changed the retirement so that the retiree no could longer got their sick leave. Cindy had enough that they converted it to paid up insurance until she is 71. So it was good she retired when she did.

We then went to Vicki's hotel and went to Chuck a Rama for lunch. It is all you can eat.
I have put a picture of one of the Santa quilt blocks from Cindy's quilt on tonight's post. There is also a picture of Penny. She is getting a little shaggy looking.

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