Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Last of the Auto Repairs?

Riverton, Utah High 45 Low 30

It is still cold, but no more rain or snow is predicted for the next week.

We got our car back and the bill was $750 dollars. We hope this is the last of the repairs.

I had a tire guy look at the tires on the truck and trailer and he said with the alignments being done, he didn't see any problem taking the trip to Arizona, so I will wait till we get back to do anything about the tires.

Today we went to see our financial adviser to move one of the IRA's to another place. He told us we have made a little over 7% on our investments, which we feel good about.

I had one propane bottle that wouldn't let propane go to the trailer. Switching bottles didn't help, so today I replaced the regulator. I hope this fixes the problem. When I tried it, it seemed to be working.

We almost have all the things done that needed to be fixed to leave for Arizona. We are both getting anxious.Tomorrow I am supposed to get the doors for the cabinet I built, so I will have to stain and varnish them.

Right now it looks like we won't be back home until after April 5th, so I called our tax accountant to see if that would give him enough time to get taxes ready and he told me it would be long enough.

Not too much else going on.

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  1. Glad to hear that everything is coming together so you can head south. Right at the moment our weather isn't great - rain instead of sunshine but I'm hoping that changes shortly.

  2. It seems like the minute you drive into a garage the price starts at $500

  3. On the LP cylinder hookup, the big green nut has a check valve that is designed to slam shut if there is a leak.... So if the system won't pressurize it won't open up.... So if something is left on just a crack, like a burner then the lines won't build pressure.. Then the ball valve will stay shut... Perhaps use some soap suds to check all the fittings, just to make sure....