Friday, December 26, 2014

We All Had a Good Christmas

Riverton, Utah        High 27 Low 16

Yesterday morning we woke up to about 2 inches of snow. Today it is clear, but cold, too cold but it is supposed to get even colder.

Penny had fun playing in the snow until she got cold. Then we had trouble getting her to do her business outside for the rest of the day because all she wanted to do was come inside.
Devon and Alyssia got to open one present each on Christmas Eve. Yesterday they had lots of presents. Alyssia got a new quilt with one of the Disney Princesses.

Penny even got 2 presents which she enjoyed opening. She likes to tear paper and make a mess, but we let her anyway.

Cindy got a new camera for Christmas. The old one worked fine but didn't have a view finder and it was hard to take pictures when the sun was out. The new one has a view finder and even has a stronger zoom. They are both Nikon Coolpix. The new one is a lot lighter than the old one, probably because of the different kind of battery.
After the kids here got through, we went to Chris and Heather's to open presents with them and Skyler and Taylor. Taylor finally got his own quilt. We gave Chris and the two boys a remote control car and asked Heather to make sure the two little boys got to play with it and not just their dad.

This year really was quilt year!

Cindy had bought me some tool boxes so I could try to get my tools a little bit organized. I guess she is tired of me having tools everywhere.
We had lots of good food to eat yesterday and today. I sure hope it is warm enough in Arizona to get a little exercise. I really need to lose some weight. We are looking forward to getting out of the cold.

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  1. Hate to disappoint you but we are under a freeze warning for tonight and about the next week. Only in the low 50's during the day. I am not happy.

    1. It's supposed to be down to 3 overnight Tuesday. 50 sounds a lot better.

  2. Believe it or not, Bill has one of those tool chests. His is just for looks though, we wouldn't want him to touch any.