Friday, December 19, 2014

Trying to Stay Busy

Riverton, Utah High 46 Low 34

It has been cold and we have had some snow only not a lot. So much for the weather forecasters.

I quilted a couple of Cindy’s quilts. They were easy overall patterns.

I got the doors to the cabinet I made on Thursday (not Wednesday as promised). I got them stained yesterday and varnished today. I am going to have to let them dry for a few days and will take some pictures after they are installed.

Today I also got some plywood to try to make our couch a little more comfortable to sit on. It seems a little better, but time will tell.

We were going to have a Christmas party at our home, but everyone seems to be too busy to make it tomorrow, so we cancelled the party.

Two of my kids are going to be here tomorrow, the one from Boise, and the youngest from Ann Arbor. They plan in being here for a few days. It will be good to see Nick’s wife, whom we missed seeing when we were in Michigan.

We are still looking forward to heading south after Christmas, but exactly when depends on the weather. It will probably be after News Year.

I think we are ready for Christmas and have delivered some presents. The kids here are anxiously looking forward to it.

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