Sunday, December 28, 2014

Cold And Some More of The Four Letter Word (Snow)!

Riverton, Utah     High 32 Low 19

It has been cold here for the last few days. It snowed most of today and is predicted to snow all day tomorrow.

I know I'm getting tired of the snow. The prediction is for colder days but no snow after tomorrow.

We want to leave next Friday and are pretty much ready. Thursday night is supposed to be 10 degrees. If all the predictions are correct, we should have clear roads when we leave to go south.

It has been nice to visit with family for the holidays, but I know I am ready to leave. We need to make one more trip to Costco on Wednesday.

Tomorrow we are going to visit a quilt store whose owner died unexpectedly. They are closing the store and already have had a couple of sales, but the one tomorrow should clean them out. Two dollar a yard fabric, one dollar patterns, and 50 cent fat quarters should do the job.

We have a couple of RV Parks reserved before we get to Quartzsite. We have decided to stay with Escapees and then the Boomers for about a week. Then we are reserved at Pilot Knob RV Park for 4 nights before settling down for a month at Wellton. Our friends, Eddie and Barbara, whom we spent some time in Alaska, are staying at the same RV Park, but they are going to try to leave tomorrow and will stay there for four months.

We want to get the Mexico things, teeth cleaning, meds, and eye glasses taken care of while we are at the RV Park at Pilot Knob. We are also looking forward to the shrimp tacos. And not to mention the warmer weather.

Thanks for visiting.

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  1. That sure is a four letter word ... it snowed on us when headed to Alaska and we had to climb on the roof with brooms to clean the slides. What a pain!!!