Thursday, December 4, 2014

Giraffes, Rhino’s, and Cows?

Riverton, Utah High 55 Low 37

It has been unusually warm here for the time of year. It got a little cloudy this afternoon, but there is no precipitation predicted for the next week.

Today I spent most of the day quilting the twin size quilt for Taylor for one of his Christmas presents. The quilting pattern is called Animal Friends Giraffe. It is by Ann Bright. There are mostly jungle animals, but includes milk Cows. I wonder why the cows are included with the other animals. Taylor should like having his own quilt.

Nancy asked what quilting machine I have. It is a Gamill with a Statler Stitcher. I don’t do much free hand, but I do like using the computer.
I made an appointment with an alignment place for aligning the trailer. Hopefully they can get it so it doesn’t wear tires on the inside so much. The repair shop is blaming a lot of the tire wear and front end on the truck on all the rough roads in Alaska. Could be, but I tried to take it easy driving there last year. Actually, the roads through Canada were probably worse than Alaska.

Rod said his EGR valve was very expensive on his motorhome, but I had no idea just how expensive.

Cindy got some pictures of The grandkids and I putting up our Christmas tree. She also got Tammy helping out.

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  1. The quilt is totally cute and the stitching a perfect match. Thank you for the info!!