Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Riverton, Utah September 18, 2013

Yesterday I spent the morning getting bids for Stephanie's house. It is coming in way over what their loan is for, but that is not the worst news. I got a phone call from my insurance agent. She told me that since I had not had continuous coverage for the past 2 years, the company I had been with would not cover me. Without insurance, I can't renew my license. She did tell me there was another company that might cover me, but they wanted $5000.00 in addition to the the normal premium. All this hassle, and I never have made a claim! But with the costs coming in the way they are, I had to call Stephanie and tell her they would be better off finding an existing home. Today she spent the day looking, and their real estate agent found about 11 homes that were in her price range. Three of them were log homes exactly like she was trying to build. The only problem was she and her husband had their hearts set on new.

The other log home I'm supposed to build is in Idaho, and my daughter and son-in law won't have a loan, so he can be his own general contractor. I probably will take the fiver and park it on their lot next spring while we build the house. Cindy is kind of looking forward to relaxing in northern Idaho.

Today I quilted one of the Quilts Cindy finished while we were in Alaska. With it finished, I only behind about 20 quilts. The bad thing is that she keeps making more, so I never will catch up. But I guess that's good, so we can both keep busy.

Close up of the quilting.

This afternoon I took the wheel and brake drum off the fiver. I saw a broken spring hanging down from inside the brake drum when I looked underneath a while ago, but have no idea how it hooks on. There also was a cable that makes both shoes work that was loose inside. From the pictures I have looked at I can't tell where one end of the cable goes. It doesn't really matter, because I couldn't find anywhere on line to buy just the broken spring or the clip that ties the cable to the front brake shoe. There are only new brake assemblies on line, but they don't look too expensive, so I'm going to call one of them tomorrow and make sure the part they are selling is from the original equipment manufacturer.

Cindy keeps overdoing it and by the end of the day her back hurts. She thinks its getting better, but it seems to be a slow process.

I have included some pictures of Fabric Depot in Portland Cindy took while she was there. They do have a lot of fabric.

Tomorrow afternoon we have a small quilt show to go to.

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