Sunday, September 29, 2013

More Snow! September 29, 2013

Friday evening I was supposed to take Devon on a father son thing up the canyon, or in this case grandfather/grandson.  I got an email Friday that it had been cancelled because of the snow up the canyon (today's four letter word). Only he got sick Thursday and probably couldn't have gone anyway. Oh well Devon, maybe next time.

The weather is supposed to improve for the next few days.

Saturday we went to some yard sales and found a few things. Cindy got some scrapbook supplies that were originally 7 or 8 dollars each for 25 cents each. They were such a bargain, that she didn't even dicker with the lady selling them.

I got 3 DVD movies for $1.50, which I thought was a bargain. I also got one Disney movie for 50 cents at another sale, which seemed to be the price yesterday.

We then went to Costco to get a few things, but the things Cindy wanted most weren't on sale until next week. It was just as well because there were more people there than I think I have ever seen.

We beat a hasty retreat and will wait to go back when the mailer we got takes effect on the 3rd.

I spent the rest of the day quilting, and got all the stitch in the ditch completed. Now for the rest of the blocks and borders. This one is taking me a lot of time because I'm only part timing it.

Cindy spent the afternoon and evening working on her computer, which we just got back from the repair store. It seems they didn't know how to repair it properly and just loaded a running system over the top of what was already there and filled her memory. She had Chris come over and see what he could do with it, and he ended up installing Windows 7 after taking all of what was on it off. I guess it's good to have a son that knows a little about computers, because I certainly don't. Remember, I grew up before calculators were even thought about, and used a slide rule. I guess that pretty much dates me. I have told my sons more than once I'm older than dirt. One of them then asked me, "What was it like before dirt"? My answer was "Rocks and Lava". Ted seemed to like that answer.

Cindy also spent a good part of the afternoon looking for the book and disc she got with her new embroidery machine. She blamed me for loosing it, but finally found it in a pile of her books she had brought in from the fiver. At one point she asked me if I had thrown it out with the box the machine came in, but I remember flattening the box before I put it in the dumpster. I will admit my memory isn't quite what it once was.

Well, have a good day. Thanks for visiting.

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  1. Sure glad your weather is going to improve. Seeing snow on the mountaintops was enough to make me head south. Great buys at the garage sales. Love it.