Thursday, September 5, 2013

Copalis Beach, Washington September 5, 2013

This morning we woke up to rain, but it soon quit. Around noon the sky looked partly cloudy, and was a lot warmer.

We picked more Black Berries today and got so many that Cindy doesn't know what to do with them. I’m sure she will figure it out. Every time we eat something out of the freezer, berries get put it, and it seems to stay full.

After picking berries we went to the nearby casino and signed up for their players club. With it we got $5.00 toward slot play each. As soon as we lost the $5.00, we left. We really are the last of the big time spenders. On the way in I noticed signs that said speed limit 21. I didn't get it, and Cindy had to explain 21 because it’s a casino and you have to be 21 to play. I must be a little slow today.

This afternoon it looks like it could rain some more and the forecast if for more rain, with rain tomorrow. We will be moving further south tomorrow, so I guess it probably will rain. LOL This is what the sky looks like at 5:00 and it is starting to rain. There is also lots of lightning and thunder.

We then drove into the nearby town of Ocean Shores. Cindy got this picture of a gift shop. It looks like it should be a restaurant. Ocean Shores looks like it is totally tourist oriented.

The rest of the afternoon we finished up laundry and just hung out. I know it’s a hard life, but somebodys got to do it. Thanks for visiting.

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