Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bad case of Hitch Itch September 26, 2013

My new brake assembly came by UPS this morning. I got it put on and the tire put back on. There are only a few little things keeping us from leaving.Cindy want to get a few lessons on her new 5D program we got installed tonight, but more about that later. I had the brake and tire on by noon, and told Cindy I'm ready to go. She admitted that she is also ready. In these pictures, you can see the new brake assembly. Under it the new wire can also be seen.

Since we've been home, there have only been 3 days that one of the grandkids have not been home for one reason or another. Today the little boy got sick at school and Cindy had to go pick him up. If the kids have to go home as much all the time as they have the last 2 weeks, I can't help but wonder how their mom keeps a job. but enough about that.

This afternoon I started quilting the quilt that I got loaded yesterday. I worked on it for a few hours and then we had to go over to the store to get Cindy's software put on the computer.

When we loaded the disc into the computer, we had to have an internet connection and the only one I could get was to use my phone as a hot spot. The problem was that I didn't have very good Verizon service in the store and my hot spot was so slow, that I couldn't get her software to register properly. I tried 4 or 5 times and kept getting the same error message. We finally gave up and plugged into the store computer, and it finally recognized the dongle. We were supposed to get a few tips on using the software, but I spent so long with the sales lady that all I did was to try, and finally, get the program loaded. Cindy did play with the store computer with another lady, so she did get a little help.

She wants to go back next week and get a little more familiar with the program. They are also supposed to get in the newest upgrade, which Cindy is supposed to get free. I guess she wants to stay here till that happens. I really want to head back to the Oregon coast, but guess that will have to wait a little while longer.

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