Wednesday, September 25, 2013

More Fabric Stores September 25, 2013

 First thing this morning Stephanie called to tell me that her loan was a done deal. They found a lot they could live with and the builder and bank signed all the papers. Weather permitting, they are supposed to be in their new home by January 15th.

This store gives 30% off to the first customer.

Then we decided to go see two more fabric stores. We hadn't been to either of them since last April. One of them has a deal where the first customer of the day gets to pick a fabric which is then 30% off the rest of the day, or while it lasts. We were 5 minutes too late to be first, and the lady that was first picked a fabric which we didn't like. Oh well, there's always another day.

Cindy found a Halloween quilt she liked, and she bought the pattern. She also bought some more fabric. She does shop the sale section, and says she has to have a place where she can use it.

This is only one room out of 4. A lot of fabric.

This is their sale room.
The second store had some pieces of batiks on sale for $2.50 a yard. They were both name brands, so we bought all they had on the sale bolts ( a little over 9 yards). We thought it was quite a good buy. Cindy also bought a bag of scraps for $1.50. She got to pick what she wanted and got everything she could put in a small bag.

After we came home, I cut out a back for one of the quilts I'm supposed to quilt. It is a king size, and will be a lot harder to quilt than the all over I have been doing. I got it loaded on the machine, and will start quilting it tomorrow.

This evening I watched a James Bond movie on TV.

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