Sunday, September 1, 2013

Evergreen COHO Park, Washington September 1, 2013

We are still at the Escapees Park in Chilacum, Washington. We are taking it easy from all the traveling. (20 miles Friday.) Yesterday morning the RV that we were expecting to leave left early, and we moved into one of the full hook-up sites.

We went to see some more of the sights. and found some small towns on the bay and some more beautiful scenery. I'm having trouble getting used to all the scenery.

We went yard selling in the morning. we didn't buy much. Cindy found a couple of Tupperware containers at one of the yard sales, and we offered 50 cents for them. The lady told us that was too much and let us have them for a quarter. That's all we bought. I guess we are the Last of the Big Time spenders.

At one of the yard sales, we noticed Black Berries along the drive way, and even though we didn't buy anything, we asked the man if we could pick some of them. He was happy to have us do so.

While we have been here we have noticed some different names of streets. We got pictures of Egg and I Road, and  Slippery Pig Way. We saw a  street name Cow Chip Way, but didn't get a  picture. These reminded Cindy of a town in Indiana call Gnaw Bone, near where she once lived. So she doesn't think these names are that unusual. We also saw a sign by Squim that said Jimmy Comelately Creek. We can't help but wonder where these names come from.

When we got back to the park, we went to the club house and worked on one of the patterns Cindy had bought.

This evening Cindy cooked some of the salmon and made a Black Berry sauce. It was good, and made the best of both worlds: Salmon, and Black Berries. Now we have more room in the freezer for more Black Berries. LOL

The last two days have been sunny and nice, a good start for the  Labor Day weekend.

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