Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hagerman, Idaho September 11, 2013

When we woke up it was about 75 degrees. We left the RV Park and headed toward Idaho. I didn't know how far I would drive, but we drove about 325 miles. It seemed like a long day of driving, but all of it was freeway. Also in Oregon and Idaho, I didn't have to watch for frost heaves. lol There was a little road construction, but nothing that slowed us down.

With the time change from Pacific to Mountain time, we lost an hour. We stopped driving at about 5:30 MDT, which was still a long day.

Surprisingly, the RV Park we are at is quit nice in spite of being in the middle of nowhere. We used Passport America again. We got full hook up so we could have 50 amp power, because of the heat.

The only scenery we saw were lots of windmills along the Columbia River, and through Idaho. The further we go, the more the scenery looks like the desert around Salt Lake City. Yes, I miss all the trees and green by the Washington and Oregon coast.

We will make it home tomorrow by early afternoon, and Friday I can get started on renewing my General Contracting license, so I can help build the houses for our daughters. The only problem I see is that they both want log homes, which I don't have much experience building.

Cindy called how to let our daughter know when we would be home. Her reaction was "Oh good, I don't have to cook dinner"with a laugh,and I think she meant it. Aren't kids wonderful, no matter what age.

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  1. Hard to believe you're almost home again. You had such a marvelous journey. KIDS!!!