Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Irragon, Oregon September 10, 2013

Today we left Chinook to foggy weather. We were headed to Longview to the Walmart Pharmacy to get one of Cindy prescriptions filled. We had called it in yesterday and it was ready. We were going to Portland to Fabric Depot, when I noticed Safeway had a sign out for diesel for $3.66 per gallon. I didn’t need much, but I decided for that price, I would top it off. It took 20 gallons.

We saw a lot of beautiful scenery along the way and by the time we got to Longview, the sun was shining.

We then got on I-5 and headed toward Portland. About the time I got off I-205 the Pressure Pro went off and said the right rear trailer tire was down to 90. It is supposed to be 110 so as soon as I could I stopped to see if I could see what the problem was. The valve stem was leaking, but we were close enough to make it to Fabric Depot so Cindy could shop while I did something about the tire. We have AAA road service, so I called them and they sent out someone to change the tire for me. I could have put the spare on, but felt like since we were paying for the service, I might as well have them do it. The only problems were, he didn't have a strong enough impact wrench, or heavy enough jack to lift the trailer, so he had to use my tools. But he got dirty while I watched. I was sure glad for Pressure Pro, because I couldn't see the tire and I know it would have been ruined. After he got the spare on, I took the tire to Les Schwab and had them put in a metal stem. As soon as I get home I will have this done on the rest of the trailer tires. The truck already has metal stems.

I got back to Fabric Depot in time to help Cindy buy about $400.00 worth of fabric. It’s kind of expensive when we both like the same thing.

After Fabric Depot we headed east on I-84 and made it about 170 miles from Portland, so we drove about 300 miles today. It was kind of a lot of driving, but was freeway most of the way. The further East we went, the more the scenery looks like Utah (desert). Portland was supposed to set a new record high for the next few day, and it sure is hot here. We miss the coast already.

This RV Park is totally trusting. We had called ahead to see if they had any Passport America sites, and she said she had space 23 left and it was the only one left, so Cindy told her we wanted it. She didn't even ask our name or member #. I had Cindy call back and make sure we had the space, and she said yes, she had got our phone number from caller ID. When we got here, there was no one in the office. There is a mailbox that goes inside that said payment, but no envelopes. She did have her cell number on the door, so I called her. She told me to just slip the money in the slot because we were the only ones coming in. Like I said before, totally trusting.

Tomorrow I expect to make it about half way across Idaho, but we will see how far I make it before I get tired. The 300 miles today with the stop in Portland was plenty for today.

I don’t have very good internet, so will have to post pictures later. Thanks for visiting.                 

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