Thursday, September 12, 2013

Home September 12, 2013

This morning I wanted to take some pictures of the RV Park before we left. The first one shows what is on the side of the freeway. It looks a lot like Utah to me. The rest are where we were parked and views of the Park. The spaces were nice and wide and were very long. It was a nice RV Park in the middle of no-where.

We left at about 9:00 and arrived at our home in Riverton at about 2:00. Thunder showers were predicted today, but didn't show up. After we got part of the fiver unloaded, Cindy couldn't stand all the weeds in her garden and had to fill 2 large garbage cans with weeds. She probably worked too long, because her back started bothering her.

Altogether we drove almost 12,000 miles since we left last May. I would have liked to stay on the Oregon coast longer, but some things are more important than us hanging out on the coast.

Tomorrow I will start getting my General Contractor license reinstated so I can help build the two log homes.

We both still have lots of unloading to do, but we were too tired to finish tonight.

The grand kids got home at about 6:00. I have to admit it was good to see them, but I'm sure I will want to go again.

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  1. I've enjoyed following your Alaska trip while we were doing ours. Thought we might cross paths but the few chances we were still a few days apart. While Cindy was struggling with her back we were dealing with the results of an attack on our dog. Dreaming of going back but not this coming year.