Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Yard Work

Riverton, Utah High 52 Low 37

This morning Cindy and I went to Alice and Jerrol's to look at some of the quilts Alice has finished. She had a 3-D block of the Month quilt she had finished and quilted on her small hand machine. She is pretty good. She also has a Christmas quilt with embroidered santas her sister gave her. The embroidery Patterns were some we hadn't seen before. She also had a batik quilt block of the month quilt she had finished. Cindy and I also took the two block of the month classes, but we are slackers. We haven't finished either quilt. They all were quite nice. Jerrol also showed me his new garage that he had finished since we had been to their home. He is also in the process of building Alice a quilting/sewing room.

This batik with the blue center and applique turned out quite striking.

This is the 3-d quilt. It looks a lot better in person, than this picture shows.

After that we came home and worked on the yard. Cindy wanted to put mulch in the flower beds, and I worked on the sprinkling system. The new valve I bought yesterday fit and worked fine. I also had some sprinkler heads I had to raise up, and spent several hours working on them.

I had purchased a new motion sensor light for our 5er a while back, and finally got it installed. Overall a pretty productive day.

We have almost decided to try to leave for Alaska and Canada on the 2nd of May if we can get everything ready. So 9 or 10 days to go. Thanks for visiting.

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