Sunday, April 7, 2013

We've been Busy

Riverton, Utah High 59 Low 45

Sorry I haven't posted for a few days. It seems like we've had a lot going on getting ready for out trip to Alaska. I wanted to put a hard cover on my truck, and had it on. The only problem was that the front section would not close because of the fuel tank in the bed. So I had to get some aluminum pieces made to raise the cover up an inch. Thursday I picked them up and cut them to fit my truck. Cindy got pictures of me doing the fitting. Friday I got them to the powder coaters, and they will be ready Tuesday afternoon.

Here I am, trimming the Aluminum to fit the truck.

On this picture, you can see the fill spout that cause all the problems. Even without a locking cap, it sticks up too high to put the cover on the way it's supposed to.

Friday we both went to see the Vampires. Cindy has to have her blood checked for her diabetes,  and I had to have mine checked to see if my cholesterol is OK. We both have doctor appointments Tuesday morning. I hope everything is alright.

Friday I also ordered and paid for 12 new tires for the trailer and truck. It set me back quite a bit, but the tires on the truck were made at the end of 2006, and everything we have heard, we are running on borrowed time. Besides, they were starting to show some wear, so it was time to replace them before we go to Alaska. The 5er tires were only 2 1/2 years old, but are E rated, and I wanted heavier tires. We are going with Goodyear G rated tires. I also am going with a more standard size on the truck, as I have always wondered why a dually had 215 tires, while the single rear wheel trucks had 235 tires. Anyway now all the tires will be the same size, except the truck will still be E rated.

Saturday morning we found a yard sale that had fabric listed. Boy, did she ever have fabric. Cindy bought a fairly large box, absolutely packed with fabric for $15.00. She says there is enough for a couple of scrappy quilts, with some pieces for backs, so we got a good deal. We also got a 6 1/2 inch Bias Square ruler, three 6 1/2 inch rotary cutting mats. I think the ruler along would cost close to the price we paid for all of it.

Saturday afternoon I got the trailer jacked up and the tires ready to take off. I don't want to take the 5er  to the tire shop, so I will load the tires in the truck, and take them to the shop in the back of the truck.

We still need to get the cable fixed on the slide. The parts are supposed to be here the first part of the week. I hope so. Anyway, lots going on, so please don't give up on us. We will be better about posting, once we get going again. Right now we plan on leaving on May 3rd. We already have reservations for Lethbridge, Alberta for, I think,5 days.


  1. I'm glad to see you are taking care of everything before heading north. May 3 will be here before you know it.

  2. Ray, I am certain you are smart to start out with all new rubber... Our motorhome tires are from late 2007 so we are not far behind you in purchasing new ones.... Good luck with your slide cable project....