Saturday, April 20, 2013

No Show and Tell

Riverton, Utah High 55 Low 39

Today was pretty much wet and cold all day. It rained all night and a lot this morning. It finally quit raining and now the sun is shining. It even warmed up some from this morning.

 This is what the day looked like until this evening.

 Now the reason for the title. The back door of our fifth wheel opens straight into our bath room. The old window was opaque, and could not be seen into hardly at all. The new stained glass window has clear glass in the center, and Cindy has been worried about being able to be seen through it into the bathroom. She wanted to make a curtain for the window, and we finally got it done. With the white curtain behind the window, we also got an added unexpected benefit. It made the colors of the window show up much more brilliantly. So we are both happy with the result. We talked about doing the same thing for the front door, but decided we could see the window better from the inside with nothing to obstruct the view, so it will remain as is. Anyway, another of our to-do's finished.

This afternoon we went to Orem to our grandsons birthday party. He turned thirteen 2 days ago and his dad put on the party today. His dad's birthday is tomorrow, so we had a two for one. I gave him a bad time about becoming officially a teenager. He had a lot of his school friends there as well as different cousins, so the house was a little full. There was plenty of food for everyone however.

After we got home I helped my grandson work on his pinewood derby car. We polished the wheels and axles. He painted it, (with a little help from me). It's starting to look pretty good. I will put a picture of it on the post at a later date, when it is finished.

It is supposed to warm up after tonight. 13 days till we leave. Thanks for visiting.


  1. The curtain and window look wonderful. Only 13 days - hope the weather clears up for you. Still snowing in Montana.