Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cindy Scores

Riverton, Utah High 43 Low 27

Still cold and wintery here. No snow and sunshine , but a cold wind all day. Cindy stayed busy all day quilting, and I went to some used tire dealers to try to sell the old tires off my truck and trailer. I got them all sold except they wouldn't give me what I wanted for what was the spare on the dually. It has never been on the ground, and looks like new, so I kept it.

Yesterday I needed some kind of strapping for a bag I wanted to make. We tried a couple of stores, and Cindy said why not try the second hand store we were by. We found what looks like a karate belt. It worked perfectly and was just the right length. She looked at the jewelry case, and has been wanting a squash block necklace for quite a while. They had one for the price she was willing to pay, $25.00, and even gave us a $5.00 senior discount. She looked on line and found one that is almost the same that was made in 1970 by the Navajo's or Zuni's. It has the exact chain and trimming. The shape of the turquoise  stones is the only difference. The place that had it on line only wanted $2000.00. She was pretty excited, as you might imagine. She tried a match on the stones before she bought it, and it passed the test.

That's it for today, Thanks for visiting.  16 days till we leave.

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