Friday, April 12, 2013

Freezers In

Riverton, Utah High 59 Low 45

Today was a nice weather day. It was warm all day. Cindy had to get up early and fill the garbage can because today is garbage day. She can't stand to put out a partially filled can, when she says there is so much to clean up in the yard. I trimmed the grapes and we had the can filled in about 45 minutes.

 Then we went off to do important things. One of the Estate sales company's we go to all the time, had an estate sale this morning. We got there early and really cleaned up on household supplies. The owner of the sales company sees us so often, that he treats us very special. We had a whole box full of cleaning products, a new roll of weed barrier, and two bags of water softener salt. He only charged us 8 dollars. The only problem was Cindy saw 3 sets of china she would like to have, but they wanted too much today. On the last day of the sale, every thing is half price, and we will have to go back and see if they still have one of the sets. LOL

On our way home, we stopped at the nursery to get some lawn fertilizer, and I spread it on the grass. Cindy, meanwhile put a roast in her crock pot. We had some of it for dinner tonight. It was very good. We put the rest in freezer bags, and will take it with us to Alaska.

I then went to our accountant, and got the bad news as far as taxes go. I took several deep breaths and wrote the checks. At least it's done for another year.

After writing the checks, I wanted to finish putting the freezer in the 5er. I had to drill holes in the floor, for the added rollers I wanted to put on the outside of the slide. I had to have Cindy help me move the slide in or out to be able to get the screws in the rollers. I glued dowels in the holes, so there are not holes through the floor. I went to the carpet store to get a new piece of carpet to go under the freezer. I used to have them install all the carpet in the new homes I built. They couldn't match the carpet in the 5er, but had some they took out of a house, that I could have if it would work. The color was close enough, and worked OK, and free is always good. The piece they gave me was almost new, and is a lot better carpet than is in the rest of the 5er.

Putting in the screws.

Trying to look under the shelf.
I'm really not laying down on the job. The new carpet is to hide the wires.

This shows the new roller on the outside. It also shows the holes  I had to drill.

Freezer in, but no power yet.
I got the freezer in the slide, and all I have left is to wire an electrical outlet where we can use it for the freezer.

Other than paying taxes, It was a good day. Thanks for visiting.

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