Friday, April 19, 2013

Meals with Friends

Riverton, Utah High 55 Low 43

The day today was quite a bit warmer. Yesterday Cindy and I went to a pizza buffet we like really well. While we were there I ran into an old friend I hadn't seen for quite a while. He and his wife had retired from the State of Utah. We probably talked for about an hour. He told me he had been to Algodones, probably about the same time we had been there. I was sorry I hadn't met him there, but might meet up with him in Yuma next year. We told him about our plans to go to Alaska this summer, and he told me one of our old friends was also going this year, and suggested I call him. We also made plans to try out a different buffet that he knows about with pizza and pasta next week. He gave me our other friends phone number, and said I should call him. I waited until today, but more about that later.

I spent the rest of the evening finishing up the quilt I have been working on. It took me until too late to post last night. Here are a couple of pictures of it. Cindy wants to give it as a gift this Christmas. It is  King size quilt.

This is another Quilt Cindy was trying to finish to take with us. The second picture is the finished quilt, ready for applique.

Today we went to an estate sale put on by the people we go to quite often. We bought some household supplies and spices for a good price.

This afternoon I took the old pick-up and bought some mulch that Cindy wanted to spread on her flower gardens. We then went to Joe's Crab Shack for dinner with some friends. Alice used to work at the same office as Cindy before she retired a couple of years ago, and is the person who got Cindy started Quilting. I had coconut shrimp, and they were very good. Clock wise from the left, Ray, Cindy, Alice, Jerrol.

I called Eddie ( my other friend) and he is going to Alaska, but is not leaving until May 15th. He said he is going through Seattle and British Columbia, and wants to be back to Calgary by July 15th. We talked for a little while and I told him maybe we could meet up in Alaska when he is there.

It's supposed to get a little wet tomorrow and then warm up next week. I certainly hope so, we have a lot of yard work to do. Only 14 Days till we leave for Alaska.

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