Thursday, April 11, 2013

Amazon Won

Riverton, Utah High 57 Low39

We got all these books for Alaska, and have been planning our trip.
Today started out kind of cold. When we woke up there was a skiff of snow in our yard. Cindy started looking at our Alaska books in earnest this morning. Our tour saver book came in the mail, and she was busy planning what tours we want to go on. We have looked at the new milepost, and sort of planned our route to Alaska. We will probably go to Lake Louise, although I read that it is frozen until about the middle of June. Then North to Jasper and over what looks like a very pretty secondary  highway. From the looks of it on Google Earth, It will be much more scenic than the freeway from Calgary to Edmonton.

Here I am hooking up the inside end of the cable.
I spent some time cutting material for one of Cindy's quilt projects. I never did get to the quilt I need to do. About 10:30 we got a knock on the door, and it was my delivery's from Amazon. The cable kits, and the crimper both got here.  Since I hadn't heard from the repair shop about the kits he ordered, I decided that Amazon had won, and I would do the repairs myself. The repairman told me it would take about 3 hours, but I had it done in two. The slide seemed to work great, and I saved some money. If he calls to tell me he finally got the cable kits in, I will buy the kits from him. He has had them on order since the 1st and I ordered them from Amazon on the 7th, so Amazon was much faster.

Up to my elbows hooking up the cable.

It's kind of a tight place to work.

This afternoon was much warmer. the sun came out and it warmed up to above 50 degrees. I also ordered new gaskets for the Pressure Pro sensors. I decided for the whopping price of 50 cents each, plus 3 dollars freight it was probably a good idea.

Part of the sofa I had to take out for the freezer.
We bought a chest freezer to put in our 5er, and have been sort of wishy-washy about whether we would put it in. It is going in the slide that broke the cable. I bought some extra rollers some time back  to help support the floor when it is out. I also bought a roller set to go under the floor when it is in. I finally made my mind up, and took out one section of couch, and am going to install the freezer. I hope with the extra rollers on the outside and the set of rollers when the slide comes in are enough to support everything.

This is where the freezer will go.

That's been my day. Kind of busy, but I got another of the to-do's finished, even though I started another. Thanks for visiting.

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  1. I'm going to follow along on your trip. Lake Louise looks like a beautiful place.

    We had a freezer in our previous motor home and really liked it. In our current one there wasn't really a place to put it, so we got rid of it. It was sure nice to have though.