Saturday, April 13, 2013

Yard Sales, Birthday Party, and Gripe

Riverton, Utah High 57 Low 32

The day started out quite nice. It was fairly warm, and later turned to rain. The forecast calls for a nice day tomorrow, with snow Monday and Tuesday. Hey, it's spring time in Utah!

We went to some yard sales today and found a folding fireplace that we are going to take to Alaska with us. we already had a nicer fireplace, but it so big and bulky, that we thought this one would better fit our needs.

We also found a yard sale with fishing stuff for sale. We needed a pole for Cindy, and I don't have many spinners. The pole and spinners cost us $20. I looked on line and the pole alone was $40 dollars, so I think we did OK. The spinners cost me $1 each.

Now for the gripe. I worked on the 5er to add an outlet for the freezer, and had to take the fireplace out. It is held in by a screw at each corner. The top screws were put in at an angle, and had only nicked the corner of the trim piece that they were supposed to go into. The bottom screws had split the trim and were too short to do any good. In other words the fireplace was held in by good luck! I had to add another piece of wood behind the outside trim piece for the top screws, and had to use longer screws for the bottom. I did get the outlet added, but also found another piece of trim that was coming off. Again, a good thing for super glue. All this makes me wonder, what ever happened to craftsmanship?

After all that, it was time  to go to our great granddaughter's 2nd birthday party. She is such a tiny thing, that I'm not sure she knows what was going on. We had hot dogs and picnic stuff,  then cake and ice cream. I'm feeling really stuffed now. It was kind of fun visiting with everyone, although it's only been two weeks.

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  1. What a cutie! And if you rebuild the entire coach, you might get to the bottom of the lack of craftsmanship.... Seems like I am constantly doing stuff over in our rig.... It needs some carpentry as I speak as a counter top came off when the catches holding it broke.... It seems to go with the fact we own RVs..