Monday, April 15, 2013

Winter's Back

Riverton, Utah High 48 Low 36

When we woke up this morning we had snow all over everything. It looked like winter came back. All the flowers were covered with white stuff. The apricots had bloomed last week, and had already frozen. Looks like the cherry blossoms are not far behind.

These Daffodils look mighty cold.

This is spring in the Rocky's.

I took the truck to the repair shop to get it serviced and ready for our trip to Alaska.
 While they were working on the truck, I worked on the rollers for the slide, so the freezer won't break the floor when the slide is in. They seemed to support the floor OK, and the slide went in and out alright. The first picture is with the slide half way in (or half way out, depending upon your point of view).

These are the rollers  when not in use. They are mostly aluminum, so they are not too heavy.

Cindy worked on cooking  chicken soup to freeze so we can take it with us on our trip. She also worked on a quilt she is putting together. I also started to quilt the one I was supposed to have done by now. I got a fairly good start.

The only thing keeping us here at this time is that I can't license the truck and trailer until the first of May. We might be leaving a little early, but we both can hardly wait. I think we have everything else under control.

Sorry this post is so short, but not much else going on. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Just read another post where the hail hit them hard. Poor little flowers.

    The freezer is a great idea. Wish I was there to eat some of that loot you will be bringing back.

  2. Snow - ick. You're really getting things under control for your great adventure. I sure am looking forward to following along with you guys. Lots of pictures.