Tuesday, April 16, 2013

One Step Closer

Riverton, Utah High 43 Low 27

Sorry, no pictures today. As you can see from the temperatures, winter still is here. It snowed some today and was cold all day. We managed to get one more of our to-do's finished. I needed to go to Cabela's to get new line for our fishing reels. When I bought Cindy's reel, they told me to bring it in when we were ready for line and they would put the line on with their machine. I also had them replace the line on my reel, because it was several years old and came off the reel in spirals.

Cindy spent the afternoon cooking and getting food to put in the freezer. She has been awfully busy trying to get her list finished. We are almost ready.

 I can't get a new insurance card until after the 24th. Canada says they need a current certificate of insurance, and our insurance renews on May 24th and our company told us we couldn't do anything until 30 days before renewal. Something about it being computer generated, and can do nothing till then. All this is a little frustrating. Aren't computers wonderful.

The only other thing I have to do is get an inspection and emission test done on the truck, but again this has to wait until 60 days before it is due, So will have to wait until May 1. The licenses on the truck and trailer are due July 1, but the DMV told me I could license them after May 1, so I guess we are in a waiting mode.

I did get some more done on the quilt I'm working on and went and bought some thread I was low on. We also bought some variegated thread for Cindy's lap quilt, which I have to quilt next, but it's small and shouldn't take too long to finish once I get started.

This evening I help my grandson work on his pinewood derby car. We got the basic shape and I gave him the sanding block to polish the wood so he, hopefully, can paint it tomorrow.

Again that's it for the night, except Cindy say's I should start counting down till we leave. OK, here goes, we have 17 days till lift-off. Thanks for visiting.

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