Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lunch/Dinner with Friends

Riverton, Utah High 59 Low 39

It's finally warming up some. At least there was no wind today. We didn't get much done toward going to Alaska, other than I cut the material for another quilt Cindy wants to take with us.

This afternoon we went to lunch with friends at a place called Pizza Pie Cafe in Alpine. They had many types of pizza, and several different types of pasta. It was a buffet, so we ate enough that we didn't have to eat dinner. I think we all were stuffed. They have a daily special for $6.00 per person from 2 till 4. It was very good. I had angel hair spaghetti with a meat sauce. I also had what they called hillbilly Pizza. Then there were the dessert pizzas. How about raspberry cobbler pizza. Or peach cobbler pizza. there was also Oreo crumb pizza. Or maybe the Chocolate chip pizza. We were told that if they didn't have quite the pizza you wanted, ask and they would make it for you.

After we all finished eating, we stayed and talked for about an hour and 1/2. We then went over to our friends home and looked at some of his woodworking. We also stayed there for about 2 hours. They are going to Alaska a little after us, but are going through Seattle and British Columbia, and returning through Alberta. We are hoping our paths cross while in Alaska.

 That's about it for the day. 8 or 9 days till we leave. Thanks for visiting.


  1. I am sure you two are getting very excited about the trip. We will be following along to see Alaska through your eyes.

  2. Those dessert pizzas sure sound good. Alaska - here you come. Going to be so fun.