Monday, June 30, 2014

Made it to Rome

Howe, Indiana High 84 Low 72

We got a little rain first thing this morning. It was only enough to get the truck dirty. It has been cloudy all day, but we never got the forecast rain.

We decided to drive to Rome today (Indiana, not Italy). We had one more quilt store in the area and I should have called first, because they are closed on Monday. We did get to see some scenery. The only pictures we took in Rome were of another Amish buggy at the local grocery store and some pictures of a house on a lake with a real lake view. It looks old and we wondered if it was there before the Lake was made.

Some other scenery on the way was a wall mural in the town north of Rome, and a picture of part of an Amish buggy and a large tractor in the same town (we were driving and Cindy wasn't able to get them both together. The artist that painted the mural had to have been very talented Because the mural looked 3 dimensional on a flat wall.

Afterward we went to the Rise and Roll Bakery to buy some of the good Caramel Cinnamon doughnuts. First we had to try the samples to make sure they were still as good as last time and they were.

We then went to Yoder's Meat and Cheese shop to get some more of their summer sausage and ham salad. We liked it so much after we got it last time that we have already eaten it all.

Across from Yoder's was a flower quilt block, and Cindy went across the road to get a picture.

We also went into Yoder's Red Barn Shoppes to just look around, and found this Amish quilt on display.

After all the driving around we went back to the RV Park and took a walk around the outside of the park. It is more than a mile walk. We stopped at the River and took these pictures, and also one of the road to the river. Last time we stopped there, there were people fishing.

Tomorrow we leave to go to an RV Park near Homer, Michigan, and because it is only supposed to be about a 2 hour drive, we want to go to the Shipshewana Flea Market for a while in the morning.

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