Monday, June 23, 2014

Lincoln in Sterling

Sublette, Illinois High 81 Low 66

It was another hot humid day. It has been sprinkling off and on a lot of the day and thunder showers are predicted for tonight.

We drove to Sterling, Illinois today and stopped to see the statue of Lincoln. We also read about a little more of the history in the area. It seems that Lincoln stopped in Sterling on July 18, 1856. He talked for 2 hours, captivating the people of this area, and later the state of Illinois. This led to his gaining popularity elsewhere, which eventually led to his winning for president in 1860.

The rock by the statue said it was dedicated in 1903.

While we were there, there were numerous squirrels running around and even begging from us. Cindy didn't get any pictures of them, but at one time there were 5 of them running and playing together in the park by Lincoln’s statue.

We thought this old house was interesting.

We went to Long John Silver’s for lunch, partly because I like their fish, Cindy likes the hush puppies, and partly because we don’t have them in Utah. It was good as usual.

I don’t have much else to talk about, so thanks for visiting.

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