Monday, June 2, 2014

More Mount Rushmore

Rapid City, South Dakota High 73 Low 52

Today we woke up to nice blue skies. It has been warm all Day.

We wanted to go see Mount Rushmore without all the rain we had the other day, and were rewarded with a nice day. We had wanted to go see the artists studio when we were there, but with all the rain decided against it.

Today we got to go down to see what they had and learned a few more things out about the construction of the Monument.

There was the scale model of the Monument which we had learned about from the movie the other day. On one of the pictures, you can see the beam over Lincoln's head with a plumb-bob hanging from it. Where ever they were working the beam would be moved into position, and measurement taken. After that, they would drill to the appropriate depth for their blasting.

Look closely between Lincoln's eyes. You can see the plumb-bob.

This shows some of the details of the construction.
We also learner that there is a hall of records behind Lincoln, which was blasted into the mountain. There was a sign that told that the entrance to the tunnel is not visible from any point where visitors can see it.

The tunnel is to the left of where we could see the dark spot on the lower right of this picture.

We also learned that  Ice-cream was first made by Thomas Jefferson.

We then drove to the Needle Highway into Custer. There is lots of nice scenery.

 This tunnel is just over 10 feet wide and 10 feet high, definitely not for a camper of any kind to go through. To make it worse, part of the road into and out of  the tunnel was single lane.

After that we came into Custer and then went back to the RV Park.

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