Friday, June 13, 2014

They Seem to Keep Getting Better

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin High 72 Low 52

We had an uneventful drive here. I watched the truck thermometer and the highest I saw was 78. It felt like it was warmer than the 72 the phone tells me it was, but that’s what it says.

The RV Resort we are staying in is called Christmas Mountain Resort. We found our way to the reservation desk and got checked in. Then we went over to the Concierge’s desk. Now I ask, how many RV Resorts have we stayed at that had a Concierge’s desk? This is the first for us. The Resort has a 27 hole golf course as part of it. We found out that there are two camp ground hosts, and one of them helped get us in our site. There seems to be something going on very day and we got a 2 page schedule. I have internet at our site, even though it is a little weak and I am not going to be able to post pictures tonight. There are lots of trees and the sites are quite large. The host told us that the sites aren't very level, but I told him with the level-up system, it didn't much matter. I don’t know if he had ever seen it work, but seemed impressed when all I had to do was push one button and stand back. This Resort even has a restaurant on the grounds. I saw a sign that said the public was able to go to the restaurant. There is an outdoor pool and an indoor pool. I don’t know if the public is able to use the golf course. We found out that there are nice homes surrounding the golf course. This resort has a small lake with paddle boats and kayaks for use of the guests. There are also many cabins for rent, and they seem to be mostly rented. There is skiing nearby and the Resort is open all year, although there is no water for the RV’s part of the year. The area we are in has lots of hills and isn't level farm ground. We are not too far from Christmas Mountain, a ski area. We think it is a very nice RV Resort.

We drove to Reedsburg, a small town about 12 miles away from where we are staying. All the restaurants seem to have a fish Friday, and a man that lives nearby told us he would go into Reedsburg for their fish over the restaurant in the RV Resort. The one we picked out is called J’s pub and Grill. The fish was very good. We both enjoyed the meal.

Tomorrow we are going into Wisconsin Dells, or as the residents call it “The Dells”.

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  1. Bill and I always spent a day at the House on the Rock when we are in the area. It always seems a little different every time we go. Well worth the admission price even though it higher than most.
    I knew you'd love the level ups.