Monday, June 9, 2014

Time For Some Reflections

Spirit Lake, Iowa High 66 Low 55

Cindy and I first started reading blogs about going to Alaska. Probably the first was Gordon and Juanita. After reading about their travels, we decided we needed to go to Alaska also, and last year we did. It was the trip of a lifetime, even though Cindy hurt her back.

From reading their blog, we started following other travelers, and pretty soon it was as if we knew them better than we knew our neighbors. I soon started following links to other bloggers, and have managed to meet quite a few.

We met Mike and Pat at one of Nick Russel's last rallies, and have met them several times since at North Ranch. I think they are two of the nicest people you would ever meet. I feel sorry that they are having health issues, and want them to know I do think about them, and wish them speedy recoveries.

While we were at North Ranch, we also met Al and Kelly, and Jana and Mike.

Our writing a blog was to let our family know where we were and what we were doing, but it soon evolved into something more. Sometimes I write so I can remember my thoughts and to remember myself what and where we were at a particular time.

I found out that our blog can be printed by Blog2Print and have done so. So far We have 4 books about our adventures. I have referenced  them many time because my memory isn't what it once was.

I have told this before, but I read somewhere (probably on some one's blog) that as we grow older, It's not so much we forget things, but that our brain, like a computer, gets so full of stuff, that it take a while to access what we know, so if I meet you and don't remember your name, please forgive me.

The first winter we were in Arizona, we met Sandi and Jim,  Ed and Marilyn, And Rod and Loyce. This year we met several other bloggers and I have found all of them to be warm friendly people.
I'm sorry that I can't put links to all of them, but some are the ones we follow. We also met some bloggers while we were in Washington on our way back from Alaska, and again I consider them friends and hope they feel the same. I hope to meet some more through our travels this summer.

Al's blog last night got me thinking about why I write, and although I don't write every day, I have no intention of stopping. Sometimes we are just hanging out in a trailer park and don't have too much to say. We still have a lot of the USA and Canada to see, but we have no intention of selling our home back in Utah.  We both know that eventually everyone has to quite traveling, and we want a place to call home.

Cindy is more reserved than I, but I hope no one takes offense when I email them wanting to meet them.

It has been a little cool here in northern Iowa, but when I read that it has been 108 in Tucson, I'm sure glad I'm not there.

And once more, thanks for visiting.


  1. We didn't mind your calling us at all--we enjoyed getting to meet the two of you very much! I love the "search" feature on my blog--when I can't remember something I just search and poof--there it is.

  2. Well said! Sometimes we meet people and then find out they have a blog. Reading someone's blog gives you a chance to know someone better.

  3. Sums up how I feel about blogging very well. I so have enjoyed meeting all the folks through their blogs and then in person. And Cindy is perfect the way she is. It took me almost three years of our being in our park in AJ before I really got to know my neighbors. Never did know any of them in the sticks and bricks. I'm glad we're not all alike. Please keep blogging and we'll see you in person next time.