Saturday, June 21, 2014

Covered Bridge

Sublette, Illinois High 84 Low 66

Today was warm and very humid. So far we have missed the rain, but it is very cloudy. I guess I spoke too soon; it’s now raining with lots of thunder. We have a lot of water running through our site. Oh well, we had a nice day yesterday and this morning. Do you know anyone who needs water?Maybe we can come and visit you. lol

Good thing I decided to raise up the power connection.
We saw a deer in the lot next to ours. It got scared when I started taking pictures. This morning I looked out the back window and a rabbit was posing for me, so I had to take his picture.

We decided to go south of here and see some of the towns. We went to the town of Princeton and walked through a small farmers market. There were mostly baked goods, but there were a few vegetables. We were in what someone told us was the old part of town.

We then drove to the newer part of town, but to me, both ends of Main Street looked to be about the same age.

A lady in one of the shops told us about a covered bridge that was not too far from us, so we went to have a look. A covered bridge in Illinois? Who knew. From a memorial tablet on the bridge, I found out the bridge was built in 1863 for $3148.57. The tablet was placed on the bridge on September 5, 1938.  Cindy got some good pictures of the bridge and an adjoining place next to the Creek. The sign at the entrance to the bridge is from the 1800’s. I can’t get over how much grass some of the homes have. There is definitely enough for a riding mower. The paint on the bridge looked almost new, and at first I thought there was steel siding on the bridge.

We decided to take the back roads to get back to the trailer. There seem to be many thousands of acres of corn. Most of the farms seem to have very large silos. Cindy got a picture of one of the newer barns and also one of an old barn and silo.

We started to see windmills and the further north we went, the more there were.

We came to a little town named Ohio. We both thought Ohio had a much larger population. lol  It was only about 1/4 mile long.

We like taking the back roads sometimes. It seems like we get to see a lot more of the country than we do from the Interstate. I think all the Interstates pretty much look alike.

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  1. Isn't the green wonderful??? You're just North of me ... I'm in Independence Missouri for another week, before heading to St Louis. Keep a sharp eye on the radar!!!