Thursday, June 12, 2014

Yah Sure You Betcha

Spring Grove,Minnesota High 68 Low 50

It is a little cooler today and rain was predicted for later this afternoon, but now no rain is showing.

Today we went to a small town in Iowa called Burr Oak, which my GPS did not recognize, but did find the address when I touched search all. There is a small museum there which was once a hotel which the Ingalls family tried to run for a while, and where they lived. The museum office is in an old bank building. The bank building was pretty interesting by itself. There were also some letters written by Laura Ingalls Wilder in 1948. We found out she died in 1957, just three days after her 90th birthday. The lady told us her husband died at 90, and she wanted to live to be 90. I also found out she got married at 18 and had three children.

The old vault and safety deposit boxes were still there.

After that we drove to Decorah, Iowa to look around. There were several buildings with Murals on them, but Cindy only got this one picture.

We noticed some barns with quilt blocks painted on them, similar to what we saw in Tillamook, Oregon (the quilt trail). We asked about them, but didn't get any information about them.

I was glad I was only driving the truck today because the wind was making my truck move all over the road. If I'd had the trailer in tow, it wouldn't have been too pleasant.
On the way back to Spring Grove we got to see another Amish buggy going fast down the highway. He was really moving. All the buggies seem to be exactly the same style.
We then decided to drive through the town of Spring Grove. It has a Scandinavian flavor. In the middle of the town there is park called Viking Park. There were several statues of Vikings, and one of a troll. Cindy says trolls are Scandinavian.

Then just as we were about to leave the Park, we spotted this sign on one of the shops, hence the title of this post.

We also went into an antique shop. the ceiling was the old metal tiles, and there were dolls and stuffed animal hanging from the joints in the tiles. The store was also the local laundromat. Antiques and laundromat, quite the combination. You Betcha

Tomorrow we are leaving here and going to a RV Park in Wisconsin.

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  1. I had no idea trolls were Scandinavian. I think they can keep them. Love the name of the shop.

    1. Hey, it got our attention, and we even went inside. Cindy said no way was she buying a $70 Scandinavian sweater!

  2. I just love exploring the small towns. What a shame to hide such a beautiful tin stamped ceiling.

  3. Those crazy Scandinavian folks always pronounce it Ya Shore ya betcha..... LOL