Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Easy Drive

Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin High 88 Low 72

Yesterday we drove south for about 2 hours to the Yogi Bear Jellystone Park near Fort Atkinson. We got charged for electricity which I wasn't expecting, but it was an uneventful drive.

 This park is very kid oriented. They seem to have a lot of activities for younger guests. There are two pools and numerous playgrounds. We are here for three nights and plan on going to Madison today.

The night we left Wisconsin Downs, there was a severe thundershower warning for where we were staying. It rained hard all night, and we woke up to sunny skies. The TV stations this morning are all talking about the weather. Tornado warnings were on the news for where we are. When we woke up it was cloudy and windy, but hadn't rained. At about 8:30 the rain hit us and for a few minutes, the rain was so hard, we couldn't see across the road. It’s still raining a little, but right now there is a lot of thunder. We feel like the bad weather is following us.  

I’m going to put a few more House on the Rock pictures on today’s post.

I've decided to put on some pictures of the Carousel at the House. It is supposed to be the largest Carousel in the world with 192 figures and not one horse. The horses are all on the walls. It has about 20,000 lights. It made its first revolution in 1981 on Easter weekend.

There are several statues in the Carousel Room, and when we entered to see the House the man that punched our pass told us to be sure and take a flash picture of the St Bernard dog. He told us that in a flash picture you can see Santa’s face on the front of the dog. We tried it and if you just look, it just looks like a dog, but in our flash pictures, sure enough you can make out Santa’s face. It does take a little imagination, but the tongue looks like a cap and the scarf around the dog’s neck looks like Santa’s beard above it with a scarf around Santa’s neck. We asked one of the attendants if we were at the right dog, and he said he was new and hadn't heard of it, but referred us to someone that showed us where to look and take flash pictures. She told us that they don’t know if Mr. Jordan did it intentionally or if is just happened to be there.

I know I’m repeating myself, but we really like the House on the Rock and thoroughly enjoyed the visit. I will post more pictures when we have another slow day.

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  1. I don't know what the admission is this year but we felt like it was worth every penny. It's a place you need to go early in the day so you can spend the entire day there.

  2. This would be a place that I would have so much fun. Love your pictures.