Saturday, June 28, 2014

Small Farmers Market

Howe, Indiana High 81 Low 70

Another warm day. We got a little rain this afternoon, but not much.

We went into the town of Howe this morning. There was what the sign said was a 4-H sale. There were a few Amish farmers selling bread, Vegetables, and some selling lettuce. We bought a loaf of Garlic, Cheddar bread and some zucchini and summer squash. Cindy tells me she misses here garden.

These wooden bowls are kind of unique.

We had the squash and some of the bread for dinner this afternoon. It was good and the bread was excellent.

We saw this old house in Howe and thought it was kind of neat.

We then drove over to Sturgis, Michigan to go to Wal-Mart. While there Cindy got this picture of the quilt blocks in flowers. There are more in Shipshewana, but we haven't got pictures yet.

Since it is a slow picture day, I'm putting more pictures from the House on the Rock. This time, some of the old buggies we saw, and also a picture of a butter fly collection.

Last night I managed to catch a fire fly and finally got to see what they look like. They are not something we have in Utah and I think they are kind of neat. Cindy says it's the kid in me coming out.

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  1. As a kid in Florida, we would catch them and put them in a glass jar. Bill and I are enjoying them here and realized we don't have them in Arizona.

  2. We just keep missing each other. We arrived back in the Indianapolis from the Sturgis area just a week ago.