Saturday, June 7, 2014

Car Museum

Spirit Lake, Iowa High 64 Low 48

Today we decided to go to the Okoboji Classic Car Museum. Normally Cindy is not too interested in old cars, but this place has a lot different twist to it.

There are two areas, one is depicted as 1960 Spencer Main Street, and the other part is the same era showing what Arnold Park was like.

The cars were of about the right age and were parked along what Main Street looked like. The thing that make this place unique is the art work on the flat walls. When you look at them, it is as if they are three dimensional. You feel like you could step right into the various shops.

All the tours are guided tours and the guide is very knowledgeable as to what we were looking at. When we looked into the shops, it was like we were looking at actual shops and not just paintings on the wall. I should add that the store fronts are brick or what they look like, and the wall with the shops is back about 3 feet.

The Lincoln I am standing by is the same model as the one Kennedy got shot in, only a different color and a couple of years newer.

In the Arnold Park portion, there is a scene from one of the lakes. The guide said to look at the pier and the couple looking at the sunset. As we move further down the large room, the pier seemed to stay lined up with us, and the coupe seemed to move in the painting.

Cindy got some pictures of the wall and if you look at one of the benches, at first it is visible, and the farther we went, the bench seemed to be hidden by the trash container.

The owner is partial to Chevrolet's and in the Arnold Park side there are many convertibles.

The guide told us that the owner originally was going to use the building for his own use, but after some of his friends saw what he had, they talked him into opening it up to the public. At $10.00 per person, we thought it was a little too much, but Cindy enjoyed it as much as I.

The paintings almost take away from the cars but if you are ever in the area, the Museum is well worth a stop.

Thanks for visiting.

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  1. Jim would really enjoy that one. Need to remember it. A little cool out your way.