Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hidden Bluffs Resort

Spring Grove, Minnesota High 81 Low 61

We made the trip from Spirit Lake today with no problems. The landscape was mostly plains and farm land, and then slowly we started to see more trees and a few more small hills.

On the way here we saw several Amish buggies. One of the towns we went through must have a fairly large Amish population because we saw some highway signs with pictures of horse drawn buggies.

We made it to the campground even with the GPS not really knowing where we were going. At our last turn, I fortunately saw a sign for Hidden Bluffs RV Resort 5 miles. It was a gravel county road and the GPS said we only had 3 miles to go till we were at the address, but when the 3 miles were up there was still no RV Park in sight. If it wasn't for the sign, I might have been trying to find a place to turn around.  The RV Park is nestled in a small valley surrounded by rock bluffs. Now we know where the Park gets it's name. It is part of the same group of Resorts as the one we stayed at in Rapid City. This one is a lot smaller, and is really out in the country. There are a couple of small towns nearby and we will be checking them out tomorrow. We are located almost at the south east corner of Minnesota. We are probably only 10 miles north of Iowa.

We noticed some bird nests up in the rafters of the office and Cindy got some pictures of some kind of swallow. It looked like it might be feeding babies, but we couldn't tell for sure. This nest was made entirely out of mud.

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  1. I'm from Iowa, and we always call those a barn swallow.. Pesky little fellows that will dive bomb you when they have babies in the nest.... I have family in the Postville and Waukon area of Iowa.... We always enjoyed going thru lansing, Ia as a river town that had charm... Sometimes we boated between lansing and points south on the river...

  2. We're on our way to Hidden Bluffs Resort today. Never been before.