Friday, June 27, 2014

RV/MH Hall of Fame

Howe, Illinois High 84 Low 66

Today we decided to drive to Elkhart to see the RV hall of Fame. We wanted to see it last time we were going through Indiana, but didn't have the time.

When we got there we had a bonus. There were several old Pontiac's in the parking lot. It was a group of antique Pontiac owners that had stopped to see the old RVs. When we got through they were gone. They all looked like they had been restored and the 1916 looked like the day it drove away from the dealers lot. There were a lot more, but I only put a few of the pictures on the post.

We then went in and started out tour with the newer RVs There was even a 1/24th scale model of an RV assembly plant.

We then started through the old RVs and what they were like, some from the 1910's. They didn't seem to be laid out in any particular order. We enjoyed seeing some of the older and some not so old RVs. The oldest trailer was made in 1913. They had it being pulled by a Model T Ford.

There was even an old motor home/ limo that was used by Mae West.

There is every imaginable travel trailer in the museum, from tiny tear drops to a long Mobil home.

Cindy remember living in one about the same size when she was about 7 years old.

The last picture is of a newer fifth wheel. We couldn't imagine how much they have changed from the early ones.

After the Hall of Fame, we went back to Shipshewana and drove around a little bit. We especially liked the horse drawn buggy pulling a boat.

We saw what we thought was an Amish school. We also had been told about what looked like an outhouse in front of a lot of the Amish homes, are actually phone rooms.

We saw a sign for brown eggs for $1.25 a dozen, so we stopped. The Amish farmer saw our Utah plates and remarked jokingly that we had driven a long way to buy eggs from his daughters.

Next we went to the store in Shipshewana where we had seen a lot of buggies tied up. It is kind of a damaged and old date store. The prices seemed pretty good. We bought some thin sliced bacon for about $1.69 a pound and some more fresh tomatoes and had BLT's tonight. They were very good.

Every store in Shipshewana has a hitching post, this one is bigger than most.
I'm not sure what we are going to do tomorrow.

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  1. That would be fun, I'd like to visit there someday!

  2. The RV Hall of Fame was a neat place. I love the boat behind the buggy.

  3. Looks like an interesting place. We need to see the museum!

  4. Looks like they have added a lot exhibits, since we've been there. We'll have to stop in September.