Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Be Careful of What You Say

Homer, Michigan High 82 Low 64

Yesterday I said it only rained enough to get my truck dirty. Last night we started seeing severe thundershower warnings to the county west of us that were to last until 10:30.

At about midnight the lightning and thunder started with a vengeance. Then the rain came down in a torrent. I got up and put our TV antenna down because I didn't want it to get hit by lightning. When I looked at the road in front of our site, it looked like a river.

We heard on the TV that at least one 14 year old got killed when a tree fell on his mobile home. On our drive here, there were trees broken off and branches down in peoples yards. We saw one tree leaning on a house. At one point 1/2 of the highway was closed with a crew cutting a broken tree away from the power line.

I guess that teaches me not to say too much about a little dirty rain!

This morning before we left, we went to the Shipshewana Swap Meet for a little while. There is everything imaginable for sale

We even found a booth selling name brand fabric for good prices and, yes, we bought some. (You can never have too much fabric.)

Cindy got some pictures of the scenery on our way to Michigan.

When we got to the RV Park, they gave me my choice of 3 sites. I took one on the lake. It was a little hard to get into, and the security man guiding me got us going the wrong way for the slant of the lot. He told me to drive on the grassy field across from us. The ground was so soft from all the rain, that I got stuck in 2 wheel drive. I had to shift into 4 wheel drive and I made some nice ruts getting the trailer backed in to the lot. He didn't seem to care, so I'm happy also.

We were told that the power was out until Thursday, but the water also is out because the pumps are not working. So we are boon-docking with a sewer connection. The good thing is we can get about 10 channels on the TV. It seems like a nice Park and free with Coast to Coast beats Wal-Mart anytime.

We are driving to Jackson, Michigan to see my son Nick tomorrow and we have some other things we want to do while we are there.

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  1. The grass is brown, here in Mount Airy, North Carolina but wait awhile before you order rain.

  2. Nothing better than being with son, daughters, grands and great-grands.....enoy