Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Fourth of July

Homer, Michigan High 73 Low 54

Here’s hoping all of you have a happy Fourth of July holiday.

We got thinking that last year we were in Homer, Alaska for the Fourth, and here we are in Homer again. Only it’s Michigan this year. Last year on the fifth of July was when Cindy hurt her back. She said if she was superstitious she would be worried by being in Homer again at the same time of year. LOL

On the third last year we watched a parade in Kenai, Alaska, This year we will watch a golf cart parade tomorrow in this RV Park.

Today there were yard sales throughout the Park and there were golf carts running around everywhere for the yard sales.

We have noticed that hardly anyone walks in this park. Even the dogs seem to get to ride. The one exception we noticed was a lady walking while pushing her dog in a baby stroller.

We are mostly relaxing today.

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