Sunday, July 20, 2014

Old Houses

Parish, New York High 81 Low 63

It was another nice day. Maybe the rain has stopped following us.

We got some pictures of some old houses in some of the towns around us, but first, they were having Christmas in July at this RV Park. One of the trailers was all decked out to look like Christmas.

They had a pancake breakfast with Santa for the kids.

I walked past the cafeteria and this mama swallow started dive bombing me. After looking around and waiting I saw her feeding 5 babies. The nest looked like mud up in the rafters.

The first thing we found was this old gas station. Wouldn't 12 cents per gallon be nice?

We saw several old houses in some of the towns in the area we are in. One of them had been converted to apartments and had a third story built onto it.

The one we liked the best was in the town of Camden. It was for sale and looked like it needed a lot of work to restore it. It was on the National Historic Register. We especially liked all the stained glass, something you don’t see in newer homes.

I told Cindy she could pretend to be an interested buyer and get the Realtor to show us the inside, but she declined.

We also found this old Cemetery while we were driving around. It is from about 1868 till 1920. No, I didn't look, I found it on the internet.

Tomorrow we leave for an RV Park North of Saratoga Springs in the Adirondacks.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. I think those beautiful old houses have so much personality then the boxes people live in now. However, they are also energy hogs. Your baby swallows are so cute.

  2. The Adirondacks are the largest park in the US. We stayed near Sarnac Lake where we visited friends.