Thursday, July 10, 2014

President Hayes Home and Museum

President Hayes House and Museum
Andover, Ohio High 75 Low 55

Today we drove to the Holiday Camplands  near Andover Ohio. We got into a lot of road construction on I90 and we were slower getting here than expected.

Yesterday we had a nice sunny day. We drove to the home of the 19th President, Rutherford B. Hayes. It is located in Fremont, Ohio.

The original home was built by his uncle Sardis Birchard. It was added on to several times. He lived in the home from 1873 until his death in 1893 at the age of 70. We went on a tour of the home, but weren’t allowed to take and pictures inside. I did find two pictures on the internet.

The picture of President Hayes is life size. He stood 5 foot 8 inches.
We were told there are 19 fire places in the home.
We toured the museum and were allowed to take pictures.

Some interesting facts about him: Hayes was the first President to take the oath of office inside the White House. Hayes was the only President whose election was decided by a congressional commission (He lost the popular vote by over 200,000 people, but won by 1 electoral vote). He was the first President to travel to the West Coast during his term in office (by train). He was the first President to have a telephone and typewriter in the White House. He was the only President to have been wounded five times in the Civil War. He was the first President to have a museum and library to house his presidential papers. Hayes started the "Easter Egg Roll” for children on the White House lawn in 1878- a tradition that still takes place on the Monday after Easter.

He also started having statesmen touch trees in front of his home, and the tree was then named for them. Some of the trees are now more than 200 years old. He also kept his campaign promise to only run for one term.

We learned a lot about our 19th President and the tour was very worthwhile.

The following are some photos of one of the homes and some churches in Fremont.

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