Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Parade

Homer, Michigan High 79 Low 59

Cindy caught me washing the truck. We also took the awning out to let it dry after all the rain last Monday. It has been a little too windy to take it out until now.

This morning we went over by the clubhouse where there was an Amish lady selling baked goods and jams. We were in hopes she would have a cinnamon roll, but she said they went really fast, so all we bought was a loaf of cheese bread. We have really liked the Amish bread that we have had since we have been in this area.

We went back to the clubhouse at noon to see the start of the parade. Some were really decorated for the parade. There were a couple of people dressed up like Uncle Sam. There was even a Jeep golf cart.

The Jeep golf cart is the second one.

There is one golf cart I call a limo because it has 4 seats. It was in the parade.

Somebody had a patriotic dog by the golf carts.

After the parade started we went back over to the area where we parked and watched the parade. Across the street, by the Amish lady, there was a 1957 Chevrolet golf cart. I liked it. There also was a little girl selling Lemonade.

This is the first golf cart parade we have watched, but Cindy says she has read about them by other bloggers.

One golf cart was decorated to look like the Batmobile. I don't know what that has to do with the fourth of July. Cindy didn't take a picture of it.

Later in the afternoon, there was an ice cream social. I had to have a scoop.

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  1. Looks like everyone went all out for the parade!

  2. A "golf cart parade"?? Where ARE you?? LOL Still in St Louis, we will be up that way in the next two to three weeks!!