Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Lunch in Ann Arbor

Homer, Michigan High 73 Low 54

Last night we got a welcome surprise. Some girls came driving down the street in a golf cart announcing "The power is on". We promptly started the AC to cool things off, and I went out and turned on the water (with the power on, the pump was working). So we only had to boon-dock for a few hours, not the two days we were told it might be. With it as warm as it was, the trailer was above 80, and I kept asking Cindy if she wanted to start the generator, but she declined. It did cool off a lot last night.

Today has been a lot cooler and it should be good for sleeping tonight.

We drove to Jackson to look at a quilt store. Only they had quit having material. They did have a lot of quilts hanging. We then went to see the Cascade Falls, but found out after we got there that they are man made and are only turned on at 8:00 at night. I guess they put on a light show and charge admission. We don't feel like going at night, so I guess we will miss it. On the way back from the Falls, we saw this sign.
I found out later that the Republican Party was actually formed somewhere in Wisconsin and their first convention was held in Jackson, Michigan.

We were a lot earlier than I thought we would be, so I called Nick and told him we would drive to Ann Arbor. He met us and he picked out a German themed restaurant. It was in a fairly new building, but the sign said the company had been in business since 1928. There was a lot of German decorations and some stained glass.
Nick is my youngest son (actually my youngest child).

The food was very good, and we had a good visit with my son, but his wife had to work today, so we missed seeing her. They are leaving for Baltimore tomorrow, so today was our only chance to visit with them.

On the way back to Homer we saw these three, I guess, cranes. They acted like a family and one was a little shorter, but they were quite tall.

Tomorrow we probably will do a little more sight seeing, but haven't made a definite plans. I know we have it rough, but somebody has to do it. LOL

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  1. I'm still trying to figure how two different cities in Ohio can have the first land office. Cities should have all the facts right if they are stating something.

  2. Glad you got your power back. We finally had to turn our air on for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon. Oh, the claim to fame - makes liars out of all of them. lol But it's still fun to read about whatever they are claiming.