Sunday, July 13, 2014

Swap Meets and Strange Auction

Andover, Ohio High 81 Low 63

It rained most of the night, so our weather luck (bad) is still holding on.

Yesterday we went to two swap meets, a large one near Ashtabula and another at the Drive In Theater in Andover. The one near Ashtabula was all indoors and like most swap meets, was mostly junk. There seemed to be a lot of people there. Maybe it was more junk because it was a charity swap meet.

The one at the Drive In was all outdoors, and fortunately it was a nice day. Again there were a lot of vendors there, selling anything and everything. Again there was a lot of junk, but there seemed to be a little better class of junk.The only thing we bought was a loaf of Amish frosted raisin bread. It was good to eat plain, and Cindy made French toast this morning that was delicious.

When we got back to the RV Park there was an auction going on that I didn't quite understand. The auctioneer started out with bids way more than what he was selling was worth. People held up their bid cards and when he got through, he told us how much he would sell the item for. For instance he got the bid up to $300.00, and then he would say he would let it go for $3.00. People that wanted it would then hold up their cards and the helpers would pass out the items until they were gone. Once in a while, when he only had one or two of whatever, he would say that this item was a real auction, and whatever you bid, was what you paid. Most of the stuff went the other way. It was the strangest auction I have ever attended.

At the same time there was what they called a cow plop. They used a Shetland Pony instead of a cow. They had the area where the animal was grazing divided into numbered and lettered spots. People would then bet from two to five dollars on where the cow or the pony would do their business (hence the plop).This took a long time waiting for the pony, and no we did not bet or wait around for the outcome.  

Since I don’t have many pictures from yesterday, I’m going to put some doll pictures on from House on the Rock. There was a large doll and doll house collection and doll carousel.

Tomorrow we leave here for New York where I have an appointment with the RV dealer about our fridge. I'll let you know how that goes tomorrow night.

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  1. The cow plop game is just plain crazy. Good luck on your frig situation.