Thursday, July 17, 2014

Moved to Another RV Park

Parish, New York High 72 Low 52

Today was a nice sunny day. We left Gasport and drove to near Parish, New York. We are staying at the Bass Lake Resort. It is a well-kept up RV Park with 275 RV sites and a few cabins for rent. The major drawback is only 8 sites have sewer hook-ups. We didn't get one, but we are here with Coast to Coast.

We took the back roads getting here. We wanted to see more of the country side than we would have seen on the interstate. It took longer, but when we got here they wouldn't let us in anyway. Check-in time is 2:00 pm and they won’t let anyone in even 5 minutes early. We got to the gate at 1:40 and had to join a line of other RVs waiting in line to go in to their sites. The sites are nice and flat with very few trees. This is the first time for us to have to wait until exactly the check-in time to enter the Park.

We had an uneventful ride here with one exception. We were going through a small town and the GPS said there was a bridge ahead with 12 foot 11 clearance (I had picked the route). We stopped at a convenience store to ask about going around the bridge. The girl in the store had no idea of a way around it (or even what I was talking about). So we went outside to see about going back the way we had come and in pulls a semi with a trailer coming from the direction of the bridge. We asked the driver if he had gone under the bridge and he said he goes through there at least twice a day. We then asked him how high his trailer was and he showed us a sign that said 13 foot 6.  He said the bridge is at least a foot higher than the sign says, so don’t worry about it. We took his advice and went slowly under the bridge and went on our way without any problem. Just to be safe we had our windows down listening for any scrapping and hoped for the best. LOL

We are staying here four days and the only thing we want to see is another old fort where the workers dress up in period costumes. It is a National Memorial near Rome New York. Other than that we are just resting.

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  1. It's amazing the lack of knowledge people have in their home town.

  2. Low bridges make me nervous. Glad you were able to talk to the trucker. We prefer interstates for just that reason and then we do our exploring in our tow car.