Wednesday, July 30, 2014

More Sight Seeing

Hanover, Maine High 72 Low 50

We went sight seeing today, but I forgot to put some pictures on the post a couple of days ago. Cindy wanted them. We went to Keepsake Quilting in New Hampshire. They have a very large store, with a room full of closeouts. We did buy a couple of quilt kits at a good discount. Cindy has been getting their catalog for a long time, and since we were so close, she couldn't resist going there.

One section had quilts for sale, and we saw one for over 1500 dollars.

Today we went a little way from the RV Park and got to see a covered bridge. The road bi-passes the bridge and traffic is not allowed through. It was built in 1872.

This is from the RV Park we are staying in.

We also saw some old churches, and several old cemeteries. They seem to be all over the country

We must have seen a dozen cemeteries today.
We then went up to some waterfalls we had been told about. There were a lot of people there with kids playing in the water. While we were walking, we noticed a small snake. Cindy is terrified by snakes and when she saw it, she wouldn't take her eyes off of it, and walked very carefully around it

The kids were having a good time.
On the way back e noticed a bakery stand with all the goods on the honor system. No one was to be seen, and there was a sign that said place money in the box.
We also saw a sign that made us feel like we were back in Alaska, but the road looks worse than it really was.

We are not far from the New Hampshire boarder and tomorrow we move to about the center of Maine.

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  1. I wouldn't have walked quietly around it - I would have run screaming at the top of my lungs. That bakery is really interesting but I really love the waterfalls.

  2. I never tire of the photos of the covered bridges, but I could do without reptile photos.