Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Littleton, New Hampshire

Hanover, Maine High 79 Low 59

We went to Littleton, new Hampshire to see some of the old buildings. There are many churches with one we looked at built in 1875.


We had read about a candy store that bragged the longest candy counter in the world. It is 112 feet long filled with jars of every kind of candy imaginable.

 Most of the jars are $10.99 a pound, and the fudge was $13.99.

They also had fudge samples that were very tasty. We resisted buying any candy except for some of my favorite flavors of Jelly-Belly's.

We also found an old hotel that was opened in 1853, and is still in service. They had a list of some of the famous people that have stayed there.

There are some old businesses that were built around 1900.
We liked this brick work. You don't see anything like it now days.

We also got to see a statue of Pollyanna in front of the city library. The author was a resident of Littleton. The library build is also very old.

After Littleton, we went through downtown Bethlehem. We found some more old buildings. We read that Bethlehem claims to be the highest elevation in the US east of the Rocky Mountains. It was settled in 1787 and was incorporated in 1799 and the elevation is 1426 feet and 2010 census was 2526 people. We found an old church that looked like an old castle. we were expecting something much older than it's date of 1930.

There was a place that had welded statues made from what looked like bicycle and car parts. He had several larger ones outside, and had a lot more smaller ones inside that were for sale.

This afternoon we drove to Hanover, Maine and are staying at Stony Brook RV Resort with Passport America.

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  1. I always loved seeing the old buildings when I lived out east. The west is so much "newer". But those guys made out of whatever are pretty scary looking.