Monday, August 5, 2013

Valdez, Alaska August 4, 2013

This morning we left early to finish our drive to Valdez. We soon found out that we were following the Alaska pipeline, which ends in Valdez. There are a few small towns on the way, but none of note.

The road for part of the way was full of frost heaves. We were ok as long as we went slowly. We left at about 7:45 and got to the RV Park about 2:00. We did stop a lot on the way here. From the top of the road down to Valdez is quite steep for a while, but after we got down the mountain, the road is in good condition. 

There is a spot where there is a view point of the Worthington Glacier. We stopped and walked down to the closest view area. It is possible to walk to the Glacier, but we didn't think Cindy’s back would take it, so we didn't take the walk. The Glacier seems to hang off the mountain, and there is a lot of water running off it. By the view point, there is a large pond where the water collects before going down the mountain to the river.

After we got to Valdez, we stopped at the Visitor Center and had a light lunch. We found out that we had got to Valdez in time for Gold Rush Days. There was to be a parade, followed by a free fish fry, which was followed by a contest where the kids make a boat out of cardboard and duct tape and have races to see who gets across a pond first. I will save these things for my next blog.
While we were at the visitor center, we unhooked the trailer and went to check out the various RV Parks in town. We settled on the Bayside RV Park. It is right at the edge of town and wanted a little less than the others, except for one that is quite a ways outside of the main part of town by the airport. There we could have boon docked, but it would have cost as much for fuel as it would to have full hook-ups by town. This RV Park is a large level gravel parking lot with lots of RVs parked side by side. There are no trees or grass, but the rest rooms and showers are very nice. The people running it are friendly. We only have 30 amp power, but don’t have to run the AC’s so that should be plenty. Another plus is cable TV and fairly good Wi-Fi in our 5er.

We found a Fish and Game observation spot, where we could watch the spawning salmon try to swim up the small shallow creek to spawn. The fish were thick in the water and it was so shallow that their backs were out of the water in a lot of the places. 

This is muddier than mine.
By The Fish and Game info place.

The Valdez Small Boat Harbor.

At the RV Park.
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  1. I have been reading about Alaska for many years and planning for an RV trip there. I have never seen a picture of that glacier, thanks for the info.