Sunday, August 4, 2013

Glennallen, Alaska 8-3-13 continued

Here are the pictures I wasn't able to include yesterday.

Part of the views as we left Anchorage.

The Fireweed is almost to the top.

The river after leaving Palmer.

Different view of the same river.

One of several small lakes.

Parked by the above lake. Here I am looking at some mosquito bites. I think a bunch of them invited friends for lunch. My wrist swelled up so much that I couldn't wear my watch. And o boy does it itch.

The mountains on the way to Glennallen.

The first view we had of the glacier.

The river coming off the glacier.

The glacier at the view point.

Another view.

This was with the telephoto lens.

Goes way up into the mountains.

Several small lakes with Fireweed in the foreground.

The Wrangell Mountains with a view of the Copper River.

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